Robert Buyakowski is a Licensed Real Estate Broker. As a Broker, Rob has continued his real estate education and successfully completed additional New York State training and licensing requirements.

As a real estate broker, Rob works to look for properties that match the criteria set forth by clients. Throughout the process, Rob conducts negotiations with such parties as buyers, sellers, and legislators in order to prepare offers, ensure proper zoning criteria and all legalities are in place. All complexities of the deal are addressed by Rob so that clients have as much support as needed leading up to the closing date.

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RBR has expertise in Hospitality brokerage and development. Robert Buyakowski leverages a network of professional specialists, qualified investors, and trustworthy transaction services for limited service to full-service local and luxury hospitality properties. Learn More


RBR has significant experience in historical sales and development involving industrial sites. Learn More


The professional land brokerage of RBR is here to help you buy and sell land in New York. Knowledgeable real estate professional and broker Rob Buyakowski is eager to assist you in unlocking opportunities to secure the purchasing, selling and leasing of land to meet your needs. Learn More

Mixed use

Mixed use properties are a good investment, and at RBR you get proficient real estate financial analysis, cash on cash returns, income/expense review and analysis, and recommendations for net income increase, integrating outsourcing solutions with inhouse expertise. Learn More

Special Purpose

Advanced and bespoke services for buyers, sellers, and investors, special purpose real estate listings are available for all your business needs. Learn More

Multi Family

The multifamily market has proven to be a solid income performer due to limited lease term length which has proven to be a smart investment against inflation. Learn More

Note / Loan

Whether your notes will be sourced from financial institutions, companies, or individuals, an experienced and trustworthy broker is needed as the go-between to connect buyers and sellers. Learn More


Delivering desirable outcomes for local, national and global office occupiers or investors, RBR services of office properties include property management, landlord leasing and project management solutions. Learn More


Secure your ideal retail property using RBR’s unequivocal market insight, transformational solutions, and excellent array of retail property listings. Learn More

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