History of RBR

Integrity • Honesty • Community

Founded in November 2021, Robert Buyakowsi’s ambition for RBR to be a part of the personal solutions to local real estate development in Dutchess County has come to fruition.

More than a commercial and residential real estate broker, the expertise found in RBR ranges far and wide, from zoning approvals to taxes to negotiations in policy, Rob has done it all! In hospitality, industrial, land, mixed use, multifamily, note/loan, office, restaurant, retail, and special purpose brokerage, management, and consulting, all of the large and complex aspects of real estate that easily slip through the cracks at larger brokerage firms, are given precise attention to detail by the sharp and skillful eyes of Rob himself.

As a firm, RBR is changing the way brokerage, management, and consulting is done in commercial and residential real estate.

We believe in Integrity, honesty, community and a win-win philosophy. An open door, open dialogue between us and the client ensures easier access to directly serve any real estate related need. RBR’s creativity and connection to the community partnered with connections to higher legislation allow for easy and conflict free negotiations.

Our unique and experienced perspective in seeing multilevel deals and negotiations through a detail-oriented, conflict resolution approach leaves clients feeling confident at every step of the real estate process.

Successful long term deals require a trusting relationship throughout the process, as the deal is only half done when the contract is signed. The little nuances that make a deal successful mandate that a relationship based on mutual trust ensures that everyone comes out a winner and there are no nasty surprises along the way. RBR holds a commitment to communication and successful client outcomes.

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