Robert Buyakowski

Robert Buyakowski

Robert Buyakowski is a New York State licensed commercial and residential real estate broker and Civil Engineer in LaGrange, NY. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Rob grew up in Dutchess County. Over his lifetime, Rob has had an active role in the Hudson Valley community’s growth and development.

In November 2021, Rob decided to create RBR Real Estate Solutions in order to help, “Repurpose properties for highest and best community use.” Determined to be a part of the personal solutions to real estate development in the Hudson Valley, Rob soon realized many of the real estate brokers behind local property development projects were not members of the local community, and therefore, were not directly impacted by the long-term results.

An experienced local engineer, commercial and residential developer and broker, Rob knows what it means to work hard and care about clients and the community in which families live, grow, and thrive. One of his first jobs as a child growing up in Fishkill was to mow and sweep the plazas outside of some of the most popular real estate projects in town. Inside of those buildings, he knew big things were happening in real estate under the wise guidance of his father, a former pilot-turned business investor and real estate developer who excelled in the business and instilled in Rob a deep respect for responsibility to the local community as well as the community at large.

Knowing he would take part in the betterment of his hometown, Rob decided to venture into engineering. Beginning his career at TRC Raymond Keyes Associates in Westchester, Rob thereafter accepted a position with an engineering firm closer to home in Dutchess County. Treasuring the value of family, this engineering firm focused on family projects in the Mid-Hudson Valley, and gave Rob an entryway into providing completed, successful, and appreciated changes within the community.

After receiving his professional engineering license, Rob also earned his real estate license. Making the transition to commercial broker after just having gotten married in 2007 proved to be a pivotal moment for Rob. Berkshire Hathoway (originally Prudential) afforded Rob opportunities to be surrounded by experienced residential and commercial brokers, while proving his own skill and outstanding resourcefulness. His dedication to the relationship built between Rob and his clients communicates a dedication and care beyond a typical run-of-the-mill large real estate brokerage firm.

In addition to dedicating his life to the repurposing of properties for best use in the community, Rob also gives back in other ways. Each year, Rob serves on the charity advisory committee board of Dominican Sisters of Hope. Rob and RBR also support safe communities through other charitable affiliations.

Rob’s time away from the office is spent with his loving family. He and his wife Alison share 3 children – twin 11 year olds and a 7 year old. The whole family delights in skiing in the mountains in the winter. The Buyakowski family plans to take trips to Lake George in the summer, and enjoy hiking, boating, and camping with the goal to have the kids complete the Lake George 12 Series and receive a hiking badge. 

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